Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Anticipating a New Creative Venture

I can't wait until Saturday! It's my first time attending a Stampin' Up class making cards. I am hoping to sign up with Stampin Up next week but I wanted to try it out first. This is a craft that I've never gotten into. I once tried heat embossing at a friend's house years ago but I never had success because I didn't have the right tools. I even bought a couple of stamps, an embossing pad and some embossing powder but it just never worked. Well I kept the embossing pad but can't find the powders so I must have deleted them from my "stash" awhile back. Oh well, I'm planning to try again!! I've been looking at sites on the internet where there are so many ideas and I joined a Stampin' Up yahoo group to wet my "appetite".
It's really all Wendy's fault cause she showed me the Stampin' Up catalogue from last year and I was sooooo intrigued! We talked our way into an excited state where we were both going to start selling! LOL Then we both took a step back to consider it and Wendy's decided not to for now but I'm thinking I just might try it. I'll try posting some pics of the cards I make this weekend and let you know what's up with this new journey of mine. :)

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